Friday, August 1, 2014

Router Lift on Table Saw Extension Wing

I need a router table to do trim, and some time, to route a slot. Again, I found a well designed router lift on Matthias' web site.

The frame of the extension table was made of some box jointed lumber that rest on angle iron I bolted to the saw. I use some shim to bring it level with the saw surface.

Building Matthias' plan was always a joy, it's well documented, and well sorted out. It's really hard to find something that needs to be improved. The only thing I changed is I use a pressure spring inside a wood block to keep the pressure on while loosen the nob to lift/lower the router. Also I put two strip of UHMW tape along the slot.

It turns out great, I use my table saw fence for now, I'll add a router fence shortly.

Dust hose reel

With many tools mobile, use flex hose is a must, and 4 inch flex hose is very hard to store. Fastcap come up with the great solution ...